About Tiffany

Tiffany Daniell'e Roop (TDR) has eleven years experience working on hair, make-up, and skin care. She has completed a total of 3,030 hours to obtain her Cosmetology license, Basic Esthetician license, Master Esthetician license, and an advanced make-up course certificate. She has also gone to International Beauty Shows and seminars to keep up with the latest trends, techniques, and product lines. Tiffany is currently a freelance hair stylist and make-up artist for a clientele base she has built up over the years. She offers full hair styling with cuts, colors, highlights, balayage, and much more. Tiffany also has a Facebook page, Instagram, The Knot account, and Linked In Profile that you can visit.

"The designs I use and deliver for hair styles could never be narrowed down to one specific type. I believe that having an open mind and creative perspective on hair design will make you a well rounded hair stylist. I also believe firmly that there is something new to be learned every day, and new knowledge is gained with every client who sits in your chair."

Tiffany's biggest goal in life has always been to own a two story spa/salon. Every days work is focused on moving closer and closer to reaching this goal.